Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Today I had to go over to the campus shop and buy some color pencils. After weighing my options for several minutes I decided to step out of character and pay a little more to support the movement. ha. Okay, so there's a good chance that I was thinking a little more about the fact that the package looked really cool and the little window in the front revealed pencils that were not just some plain color, but actually covered in pictures of a fruit that was the corresponding color. I like bright colors and fruit so it was clearly an easy choice. At least, it was until I saw the pencils next to the fruity ones. These ones had wild animal prints on them. Finally, I decided on the fruity pencils, but only after deciding that the Campus Shop really should offer fewer choices. After years of using PrismaColors I was a bit worried that these pencils would be disappointing and be covered in that awful plastic stuff that gets stuck in your sharpener, but remember, these were pencils. These pencils are actually made out of old newspapers. That's pretty much the coolest thing ever. They're really fun and easy to sharpen and coloring with them is even better. Even the names of the colors are cool and educational. I had never heard of "Mangosteen"before. I'm pretty sure it's delicious though. Someday I will find one and eat one. and then blog about it. I really do love college.

P.S. I'll admit that the color thing is ridiculous, but I'm a sleep deprived college student.

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