Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Blog

I was really into the whole blogging thing for a little while my freshman year of high school, but once I went away to academy I discovered the wonderful world of student government, watching football with a lobby full of boys, and hosting textbook-less "homework parties". Every year of academy I promised myself I would religiously blog about the next year, but that next year never came. Naturally, college was the next big thing, so I once again made that ridiculous promise to myself. This time it was accompanied by the ideology that this time I would finally know how to say no to opportunities to be involved. At least until my blog was established. I made it through the Organization Showcase without joining any clubs or allowing myself to get sucked into any responsibilities. But did I start my blog my first night in this huge dorm? No. I was too busy going to orientation and making friends. So, here I am, nearly three weeks later, sitting in my dorm room staring at an intimidating Biology book and wondering how on earth I allowed myself to get involved in two organizations (currently debating a third) before I got around to writing a blog. As I was cleaning my room today I discovered at least five different journals I have started writing in and never finished. Clearly I'm not doing my part to save the trees. I should work on that. Anyway. A real blog post will come tomorrow. I promise. And tomorrow is Friday. My favorite week day. This week has been crazy.

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  1. Blogging is fun Becca...but I can't imagine having time for it in college!! ;) Good for you!