Sunday, October 16, 2011

Freshman 15? Not on these hips.

How I fight the Freshman 15:
  1. Live on 3rd floor.
  2. Go to the Wellness Center every time someone invites you.
  3. If the package says that a serving size is seven, eat seven.
  4. If one is broken in half, don't look for the other half, round up. It's still one piece.
  5. Watch lots of TV shows about morbidly obese people trying to lose weight.
  6. Find someone that is more in shape than you and then secretly try to catch up with, or even surpass them.
  7. When you're hungry even though you just ate, drink water.
  8. Invest in a really cool water bottle.
  9. Hang out with the jocks.
  10. When you want to eat something unhealthy, imagine telling someone that you're a Health Science major while you eat a Little Debbie.

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