Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend. Ugh.

This weekend was interesting. A friend just asked me how my weekend was, and I was surprised that I really had to stop and think before I could answer him. Parts of this weekend were really tough. But, thanks to my wonderful friends, some here, some in Idaho, and one in Missouri, other parts of this weekend were incredible. Over all, it averaged out to a pretty good weekend. Friday night Vespers was a little long, one important lesson that bible workers seem to have a hard time understanding is that longer is not always  better. Having said that, I will admit that Vespers was pretty good. My roommate was gone on I Cantori tour, so I stayed up way too late and woke up way too early. Sabbath was just a rough day, but I did get to spend time with some fabulous people. Saturday night Nicole and I kidnapped Po and Indian and headed downtown. After some coffee we decided to go bowling, but after seeing all the T and TH parking stickers in the car windows at the first bowling alley, and being creeped out by the bouncer at the second one (yes, a creepy bouncer at a place for kids), we decided to go to a movie. Naturally, the dude behind me had a constant stream of comments that he just couldn't keep to himself. Fortunately for him (and everyone else) his comments were quite entertaining and added a lot to an otherwise mediocre film. Naturally, he had a Southern ID on a Southern lanyard hanging around his neck. Finally, we stopped by Taco Bell (first time I've been there since my dad left!) so Nicole and I could eat. The silly boys weren't hungry. They were also complaining of being cold most of the evening. There's something seriously wrong with them. Nicole and I were fine. Finally, a half hour before curfew, we headed back to school. It was awesome, but I'm still tired. Today was much more relaxed. Our normal lunch at CK at one and then the long slow adventure back with the Jamaican. That was very interesting. My roommate went to Six Flags today, I rearranged the room. ha. Hope she doesn't mind too much, but if she does, we can change it back. I guess. Anyway, three days of school, then October Break. I'm definitely looking forward to it. No real plans, but I did just discover that my amazing little cousin is turning one this week! Ohh, and for those that care (and actually, even those that don't), I'll be home in 60 days!

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